Sunday, 26 March 2017

Peas Pulav / பச்சை பட்டாணி புலாவ்

basmati rice - 2 cups( 1/2 kg)
ghee 2 tbsp
oil - 2- 3 tbsp
cinnamon, cardamom,cloves - each 4 
onion sliced - 2
green chilli - 4
ginger garlic paste - 4 tsp
yogurt -3-  4 tbsp
fresh or frozen green peas - half cup
coconut milk medium thickness - 2 cups 
water - 2 cups
curry leaves, coriander,mint leaves few
salt - to taste.

Method :-
Wash and soak rice for 20 minutes.
In a vessel heat ghee and oil, add cinnamon,clove and cardamom.
Then add sliced onion and green chillies and curry leaves. saute well and add ginger garlic paste. Stir well.Add the  fresh green peas or frozen peas  and salt to taste.
Low the flame,close the lid and cook for a minute or two then add the beaten yogurt and mix well.
Pour the measured water and coconut milk. Check salt.Add few chopped coriander and mint leaves.
Let it boil, add the drained rice , close with lid and cook in a low flame till done.Switch off.
After 10 minutes  mix gently and serve with side dishes.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Fish Upma / மீன் உப்புமா

ravai / sooji  - 100 gm / half cup
fried nile perch or white or hamour fish fillet  - 2 pieces (left over fried pieces)
oil - 2 tbsp
ghee - 1 tsp
finely chopped onion - 1
finely chopped - tomato - 1
finely chopped green chilli - 1
ginger garlic paste - 1tsp
finely chopped coriander leaves - few
turmeric & chilli powder - each 1/4 tsp
coconut milk - half cup
water - one and half cup
salt - to taste.

 Roast the rava .
 Heat oil in a pan add onion, saute nicely then add gg paste, stir well.Add chopped, tomato, green chilli, chilli & turmeric powder and salt to taste, let it cook in medium flame.Pour coconut milk and sprinkle some chopped coriander leaves.
 Let it boil. Add the fried fish pieces.
Transfer the roasted rava to the pan,  gently mix till all the water absorbed.Add ghee.mix well.
Done. Delicious fish upma is ready to serve.

Serve hot.